May 15, 2020


Due to Covid-19 we must have a new method for handling the scorecards.  In order to reduce multiple people touching the score cards your executive team has come up with the following:

The Pro Shop will make up the scorecards for us.
The Marshall will hand the scorecard to the Captain of your team.
The Captain of the team will be the only person handling the scorecard.
The Captain will record all scores on the card.
Each player should keep track of her own score.
The Captain will verbally agree with all players on the total scores of each player.
The Captain will email a photo of the scorecard to the league OR  

We now have a Scoring team that will enter your scores into the GAO.
With the new World Handicap System, scores will be adjusted when entered.
Your scores will be entered into the Ringer Board.
Winners, Birdies & best rounds will be noted on the web-site. 

It’s a new way to keep us safe & healthy! 

2020 Executive Team

In conjunction with the new WHS, players are now encouraged to pick up the ball as defined in the table below during regular weekly games only (ie non Tournament & Event).
for 18 hole players
 for 9 hole players
Your Handicap
Pick up on each hole after reaching
Your Handicap
  Pick up on each hole after reaching
 Par + 3
 1 - 9
 Par + 3
 Par + 4
 10 - 18
 Par + 4
 Par + 5
 19 - 27
 Par + 5