Posting Scores for NON-LADIES' DAY Rounds

The Scoring Committee will enter all scores from Tuesday ladies' day play into the computer, adjusted by "World Handicap System" after every NLGA round you play.  DO NOT enter your NLGA league score as it will create a duplicate entry. 

Golfers are responsible for entering scores for ALL games played other than NLGA games.  When you enter your score on the GAO website, you will now be required to enter your score on a hole-by-hole basis versus 18-hole (or 9-hole) total score. The software will automatically calculate the maximum Net Double Bogey (if required) and adjust your score accordingly.  (Please refer to the section on Scorecards in the NLGA Handbook found on the Weekly Golf Page.)

To post your score, log in to Golf Canada by clicking the button below.  If you are unsure of your username, please contact Jamie Sheppard at the pro shop - (705) 435-5504, Toll Free (800) 669-5501.