Weekly Score Cards

1.  We need to standardize the Subject line.   The word SCORECARD, The Date, The tee time (or approximate if last minute put together due to cancellations etc) ie.  SCORECARD, June 2, 8:20

2. 18 Hole League Only

If at all possible, it should be 18 holes per image. That will only be possible for Hill/Valley combo. Once GB comes into play, there will be no alternative but to use separate images. When V/GB is the combo, there is a need to put player names on the Valley page. 

3.  June 2 scores. They were much more legible. Thank you for all the captains for their neat penmanship!! Writing down scores in ink does help as well!

4.  Please circle all birdies on card.

5.  If you pick up your ball once you reached your maximum stroke, please place an X beside that score.

6.  Please ensure that Handicap is entered on score card for each player.  Total Gross score & subtract the handicap for net score.

7.  Everyone's full name should be on the card. Last resort, Last name is better than first!!

8.  In the body of the email, please type on separate lines, each player’s names and their total gross and net scores.

We have a team that enters your scores into the GAO system, A Ringer Board, Pin Day, Weekly winners & Birdie Tree. 


Every little bit helps!  Thank you in advance for helping make the scorecard process a little smoother for us.

We will get through this together!!

2020 Executive