October 1, 2020

Happy October 1st!

Please enjoy your fall golf and take advantage of the Early Bird Registration.

September 29, 2020

Regular Golf on the Ridge

Near Miss Fun Event

Wow Ladies!  What a great way to end our golf season. Blue skies & sunny...well most of the time!

We had 8 groups going off on The Ridge.  Today's event was a fun one.  I believe everyone had a least one or more near misses on their scorecard today. Congratulations to our winner Joey Davidson!!

Please pick up your prize from the Nott pro shop.

Tweet, Tweet Congrats to getting birdies on the final day!

Sandy Moyer #15, Sheila Nelson #17 & Sally Piitz #15

Please see the website for the 2021 Registration Form. Early Bird Draw for NLGA membership is 

November 1st. 

September 22, 2020

Flight Play


Beautiful day on the golf course!  We had 8 groups of ladies go off on the Valley. The walkers didn't have to climb that big hill first thing in the morning!

Congrats to our flight winners;

Flight A

Low Gross Jan Cunningham-Snell 88 WAY TO GO FOR BREAKING 90 FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

Low Net Gloria Coulter 69

Flight B

Low Gross Roseanne Gallant 99

Low Net Marie Clancy

Please pick up your prize from the Nott Pro Shop.

Tweet, Tweet lots of Birdies today!

Pam Snoddy Valley #1, Marie Clancy Hill #9, Jeannie Beattie, Sherie Hanson & Joey Davidson Valley #8

Next week will be our final league play on The Ridge. Please sign up by noon on Friday.

This last event will be a fun event of course!!  

September 15, 2020

Regular Golf/ Mystery Game 

Valley-Green Briar

Wow! Fall is knocking our door. This Morning 6 groups played bundled up for the first few holes. As temperatures starting to rise many us where able to take some layers off & start to get a full swing in! It turned out to be a really lovely day for golf....especially if you were walking! Todays Mystery Game was a random draw. Congratulations to Joey Davidson!!  Please pick up a prize at the Nott Pro Shop!

We have two weeks to ago ladies! Please sign up for next weeks golf by Friday at noon! 

Tweet, Tweet Congratulations to Sally Piitz who birdied Valley #2

September 8, 2020

Regular golf/pin Day #6

Hill- Valley

Unfortunately Mother Nature was not kind to our league today.  We did not cancel today, betting that maybe some of ladies would be brave & venture out onto the golf course. No one played! Good Choice, it was pretty wet on the fairways and the Pro Shop staff told us that only 3 men were on the course! 

Please sign up for next week, it's a Mystery Game! Hope to see everyone out there!

September 1, 2020

Hill- Green Briar

Flight Play

Happy first day of September!  The weather was beautiful today! 

Congratulations to

Flight A

Low Gross Ann Sullivan 94

Low Net Joni Graham 71

Flight B

Low Gross Sharon Babin 104

Low Net Anna Arblaster 71

Please pick up your prize from the Nott Pro Shop.

No Birdies to report this week....come on ladies let's get some next week!!
We still have an entire month to enjoy our league! Please sign up by Friday at noon for next week's golf.
Hope to see you out there on the course!

August 25, 2020

Regular Golf, Pin Day #5 Mystery Game

Another beautiful day on the golf course. Thank you Mother Nature!!

Todays Mystery Game was Middle of the Pack!  

We added up everyone's score & divided by the total number of players to come with "Middle of Pack" Player!  Congratulations to Sharron Smith!! Please pick up your prize at the Nott Pro shop.

Tweet, Tweet Birdies today - Pam Snoddy Valley #2

Hope everyone enjoys using their gift card.  Note that they do not expire & you may use it at the Pro shop or the Nottawasaga Inn.

Please sign up for next week by Friday at noon!

August 11 & 18,2020

Odd Ball Tournament

Great day to be on the golf course! A little sprinkle didn't stop any of the ladies today!

Congratulations to:

Overall Low Gross Winner Nancy Bowden 92

Overall Low Net Winner Sharon Babin 70

Flight A

Low Gross Andrea Campbell 93

Low Net Rosy Kennedy 73

Flight B

Low Gross Jean Ferguson 104

Low Net Marie Clancy 76 (won on a tie breaker)

Please pick up your prize from the Nott Pro Shop.

Tweet, Tweet Birdies!

Loes Williams #5 Hill (a chip in!)

Patricia Koblizek #2 Valley

Sherie Hanson was the only player to birdie on day one with two birdies! 9 Hill & 8 Valley

For more results please go to website.

Thanks to everyone who came out to play!

Special thanks to Sherie Hanson for scoring this event!!

August 5, 2020

Stableford Scramble Results!

Three teams actually tied with a score of 82...but the Stableford

Points were 120, 121 and 122!!

Congrats to the winning team scoring an impressive 122!!

Pam Dear

Deb Jestin

Jennifer Van Sickle

Please pick up your prize at the Nott Pro Shop.

Tweet, Tweet Birdie Cassandra Dass-Pearce Ridge #15 

Don't forget to sign up for next weeks golf by Friday at noon!  

July 28, 2020

Green Briar/Hill 

Flight Play 

What a beautiful day to be on the golf course!

Congratulations to the winners of flight play.

Flight A

Low Gross Sheila Nelson 91

Low Net Barb Moody 69

Flight B

Low Gross Sharon Babin 105

Low Net Patricia Koblizek

Please pick up your prize at the Nott Pro Shop

Tweet, Tweet! Birdies for Sheila, Hill #9, Barb Green Briar #4

Please sign up the Stableford Scramble for next Wednesday on the Ridge!

July 21, 2020


Regular Golf/ Pin Day #4

There were some pretty nice scores out there today! Great day to walk the course with cooler temperatures

for a nice change.

This week winners were for low net

Congrats to:

Flight A

Sandy Moyer 67

Joan Innes 69

Flight B

Deb Jestin 68

Lynda Fox 69

Please pick up your prize from the Nott Pro Shop!

Tweet, Tweet Birdies 

Pam Snoddy Hill #9, Loes Williams Hill #9 & Marie Clancy Valley #8

**Next week is Flight Play, Please ensure that you sign up before noon on Friday.

July 14, 2020


Regular Golf/Pin Day #3

Mystery Game Blind Draw

Beautiful weather on the course this week! 

Nice scores posted by Sheila Nelson 91 & Roseanne Gallant 98

Our Mystery Game was a blind draw! Congrats to Sandy Moyer for winning this week's prize!

Please pick up your prize at the Nott Pro Shop!

Tweet, Tweet! Birdies - We had a nice flock this week!

Sheila Nelson #2 Hill, Sally Piitz #7 Valley, Ann Sullivan #1 Valley, Barb Moody #2 Hill, 

Deb Jestin #5 Valley

Please check out the website for a picture of our Birdie Tree.

June 30, 2020


Regular Golf Play/ Pin Day #2

So excited for our low net winners today!  Wow! Great Playing!!

Flight A

Low Net Gloria Coulter 64

Second Low Net Jeannie Beatie 67

Flight B

Low Net Lynda Fox 64

Low Net Jean Ferguson 69

Please pick up your prize at the Nott Pro Shop


Tweet, Tweet!!

Gloria Coulter Hill #9, Lynda Fox Hill #9, Sally Piitz Valley 9, Pam Snoddy Valley #1

June 23, 2020


Flight Play

Wow! The golf course needed rain and Mother Nature made sure the course got watered today!

Way to go to all Ladies that came out and played today. At least it was a warm rain!

Winners today

Flight A

Low Gross Ann Sullivan 93

Low Net Barb Moody 69*

Flight B

Low Gross Jean Ferguson 98

Low Net Deb Jestin 71*

Please pick up your prize at the Nott Pro Shop


Gloria Coulter #9 Hill

*scorecard playoff

June 16, 2020

The Ridge

Regular Golf

Fabulous Day on the golf course, Especially when you get to witness an EAGLE!

Congratulations to Sally Piitz for the Eagle on #9!!!

Winners of this week goes to Low Net

Flight A

Rosy Kennedy & Sherie Hanson with 70

Flight B

Sharon Babin 74 & Deb Jestin 75

Ladies please pick up your prize from the Nott Pro Shop!

Tweet, Tweet Birdies:

Joni Graham #10, Barb Moody #17 Sharon Babin #10

June 9 2020


Mystery Game - Lucky 7

Great rounds out there today in the hot heat!

Way to go Sandy Moyer & Sally Piitz both posting a 93.

Fabulous net score by Jean Ferguson 62 

Congrats to Sharon Babin for breaking 100 for the first time & posting a net score of 64!

This entitles you to a GAO Pin at the end of the year!


Loes Williams #7 Valley 

Rosy Kennedy had birdies on front & back!  Hill#4 & Valley 5

Jean Ferguson #4 Hill

Sally Piitz #7 Valley

Todays Mystery Game was Lucky 7

If you posted a Lucky 7 on your scorecard your name was put in a draw for a prize.

Congratulations to ALEDA BURTON for winning the first Mystery game of the season!

Please pick up you prize from the Nott Pro Shop!

June 2 2020


Regular Golf

Flight A

Low Gross winners of Pro Shop Credit – Sheila Nelson & Ann Sullivan great score of 93 for both players!


Flight B

Low Gross winners of Pro Shop Credit – Roseanne Gallant 100 & Gladys Carroll 103 Way to go ladies!

Your prize may be picked up at Nott Pro shop

Tweet Tweet! Birdies this week: Arlene Hughes #8 Valley, Ann Sullivan #7 Valley, Roseanne Gallant #4 Hill