September 20
Valley - Hill
It was a rainy start but the golfers stuck it out for a sunny finish!

Congratulations to the Net Winners today:
FLIGHT A - Sally Piitz - 74
FLIGHT B - Peggy Sallows - 73
FLIGHT C - Anna Arblaster - 70

Pam Snoddy -Hill #8

Jean Ferguson

Don't forget to buy your ticket for the closing luncheon next Tuesday. Call either Andrea Campbell or Theresa Frank!

September 13
Today was a perfect fall day-with the exception of the "skunk junk" on many holes, the course was in great condition too!  Don't forget to purchase your tickets for the closing luncheon on September 27th from either Andrea Campbell or Theresa Frank!

Congratulations to the Net Winners today:
FLIGHT A - Andrea Campbell- 73

FLIGHT B - Sharon Babin - 66

FLIGHT C - Lynne Aiken - 69

Way to go ladies!

Loes Williams - Valley 1
Andrea Campbell - Hill 9
Ann Sullivan - Hill 4

Andrea Campbell - Hill 9


September 6
Today was a beautiful weather day! The sun shone, the day was warm  and there was  cool September breeze!  It was a MYSTERY GAME and the game was adding your score every other hole!


Flight A
Pam Snoddy

Flight B
Marie Clancy

Flight C
Gloria Coulter

Marie Clancy - Hill 9

August 30
Combined 18-Hole Scramble Event 
9 AM Shotgun -Ridge

What a morning!! We will not remember today as a warm sunny summer day but after all, it was a Tuesday.  Most ladies made it back before the real rain fell! We all got a little wet-but it was fun followed by an  enjoyable get together at the BHCC!

Congratulations to the Winners!

First Place
Cassandra Dass-Pearce
Sally Piitz
Sally Daniels
Jennifer Van Sickle

Second Place
Sheila Nelson
Brenda Bartosek
Anna Arblaster
Sandra Sealy

Third Place
Peggy Sallows
Lori Nopper
Sally Shall
Susan Watton

Winners of Closest to the Pin
Sheila Nelson - 5
Bonnie Marshall - 8
Bonnie Marshall - 17

August 23, 2022
What a beautiful August morning!  The grass was a bit wet to start but the sun dried it off quickly enough.  The breeze helped keep the warm temperatures at bay!

The Low Net winners for today

Flight A
Loes Williams 71

Flight B
Joni Graham 68

Flight C
Sally Daniels 71

Ann Sullivan Valley # 2
Deb Jestin    Valley # 1
Gloria Coulter Hill # 9
Joni Graham  Hill # 4
Joni Graham  Hill # 9

Don't forget to sign up for next Tuesday-our Scramble on the Ridge.  There will be some great prizes.  Bring your own lunch and beverage as we are going back to the BHCC and enjoying an informal social get together.  Our season 's end is drawing closer.

August 16, 2022
Valley - Hill

The winners today for 

Low Net Flight A
Theresa Frank  73

Low Net Flight B
Jennifer Steane 72

Low Net Flight C
Lynn Aiken 68


Sally Piitz   Valley 9
Peggy Sallows  Hill 4
Sharon Babin  Valley 1

August 9, 2022
Hill - Valley
What a crazy weather day!  Rain, mist, sun, mist, cloud...we had it all! And we survived!  It was day # 1 for the Club Championships.

Low Net A Flight
Lyn Jauncey
Low Net B Flight
Peggy Sallows

Low Net C Flight
Lynne Aiken

Low Gross A Flight
Sheila Nelson

Low Gross B Flight
Jan Cunningham

Low Gross C Flight
Gladys Carroll

Lyn Jauncey Valley # 2

Sally Daniels  Valley # 1

August 2, 2022
Hill -Valley
Pin Day
While today did not look very promising weather-wise at 8 AM, it turned out to be a beautiful morning.  

Weekly Low Net Winners are:
Flight A - Pam Snoddy - 70
Flight B - Sharon Babin - 68
Flight C - Lynne Aiken - 68  

Bev Burman Hill 9
Deb Jestin  Hill 4
Sheila Nelson Hill 9
Pam Snoddy Valley 6
Loes Williams Valley 1
Jan Bennett Hill 4

Pam Snoddy Hill 3

July 26, 2022
What an amazing day for golf!  Not too hot-not too cold! Our course is in fantastic condition in most places! An enjoyable day had by all!

Weekly Low Net Winners are:
Flight A - Sherie Hanson - 69
Flight B - Peggy Sallows - 67
Flight C - Cassandra Dass-Pearce - 67

Jean Ferguson - Valley 1
Sally Daniels - Valley 8
Sandy Moyer - Valley 7

Barb Thomas - Valley 3
Gladys Carroll  -Hill 1
Jean Ferguson - Valley 1
Lynne Aiken - Hill 6
Loes Williams - Hill 7

July 19, 2022
FUN DAY-Take Two
It was an absolutely perfect, hot and FUN summer's day!  It was an 8 AM shotgun start and everyone returned to the BHCC for bag lunches and prizes!

It was a fun game!  Each team was given 1 red ball.  The red ball was rotated and played sequentially among the team members.  The team total score was a combination of the red ball's score and the lowest team member's score!  Lowest score won.  Thank you to Joey Davidson who organized it all (and unfortunately was unable to play our rain date due to a prior commitment).  A job well done.

The Early Bird Prize was also announced on the patio (the person who registered for the NLGA before the fall deadline in 2021), which was your $40 fee returned, was SALLY PIITZ!  Congratulations Sal!

The first place team  winners (who DID NOT LOSE the red ball for the entire 18 holes) won an incredible prize of 4 tickets to the Rogers Open Women's Tennis at York University on August 11th (donated generously by Lyn Jauncey
  • Jeannie Beattie, Sylvia Frost, Theresa Frank and Loes Williams 


The Second Place team winners (who DID NOT LOSE the red ball for the entire 18 holes) won $80 ($20 pp) 
  • Rosy Kennedy, Jean Ferguson, Lynne Aiken and Janis Tennant

The Third Place team winners (who DID NOT LOSE the red ball for the entire 18 holes) won $60 ($15 pp) 
  • Barb Moody, Sue Armstrong, Gloria Coulter and Carolyn Blair

Bonnie Marshall

Jacquie Dukowski

Sherie Hanson - Hill 2
Deborah Jestin - Valley 8

Deborah Jestin - Valley 8
Sherie Hanson -Hill 2
Gloria Coulter - Hill 4

July 12, 2022
A great day for flight play for most of our league...while some members played their Match Play game as July 12th was the final day for the first round.  

Congratulations to our Gross and Net flight winners!  Prizes may be picked up at the Pro Shop on Thursday Afternoon.

Gross Winners:
Lyn Jauncey - Flight A: 92
Brenda Bartosek - Flight B: 94
Gloria Coulter - Flight C: 99

Net Winners
Theresa Frank - Flight A: 72 (through retrogression)
Sharon Babin - Flight B: 69
Sally Daniels - Flight C: 69

Marilyn Spencer Hill 9
Gloria Coulter  -Valley 8
Pam Snoddy -Hill 3
Barb Thomas - Valley 9
Sally Piitz - Valley 1
Barb Moody - Valley 9

Gloria Coulter - Valley 8 & Valley 6 (a birdie and 2 chip ins & she broke 100 for the first time on a Tuesday...WAY TO GO GLORIA)
Pam Dear - Valley 6

Don't forget to sign up by Friday for Fun Day next week on July 19th.  A shotgun start on Hill- Valley.  Everyone will play their own game.  Lots of prizes and lots of FUN!!)

June 28, 2022
Congratulations to all players!  It was a lovely start to the morning -thinking of someone that was dear to us, having our photos taken and playing in their memory!
Thank you to the organizers!

Winners for the day were:

Theresa Frank, Flight A:  Gross Score 91; Net Score 69
Marie Clancy, Flight B:  Gross Score 94, Net Score 67
Cassandra Dass-Pearce, Flight C:  Gross Score 99; Net Score 68

Bev Burman - Hill 4
Theresa Frank - Valley 8
Pam Snoddy - NOT ONE BUT TWO BIRDIES....Hill 4 & Hill 9

Sally Shalla - Valley 8
Pam Snoddy - NOT ONE BUT TWO CHIP INS....Hill 4 & Valley 5 (WAY TO GO PAM!)



June 21, 2022
Hill/Valley.  The winners are LOW NET.  Note:  If you are in Match Play you are not eligible for the weekly game.

Flight A - Ann Sullivan
Flight B - Jennifer Steane (retrogression)
Flight C - Lynda Fox

Ann Sullivan - Valley 4
Rosy Kennedy - Valley 9
Sally Daniels - Valley 8
Sandy Moyer - Hill 8
Theresa Frank -Valley 6
Sherie Hanson - Hill 9
Sherie Hanson - Valley 8

Chip Ins!!
Sandy Moyer Hill 8
Sandra Scott Hill 9
Sherie Hanson - Hill 9 (2 Birdies and one was a chip in birdie!  Way to go Sherie!)

June 14, 2022
Hill/Valley - Flight Play, Pin Day 2
It was a beautiful day on the course!  Congratulations to our Gross and Net flight winners!  Prizes may be picked up on Saturday afternoon at the Nott Pro Shop.  Don't forget to check out the Ringer Board for updated scores!!
Gross Winners:
Sally Piitz - A Flight
Jeannie Beattie - B Flight
Jean Ferguson - C Flight
Net Winners
Loes Williams (retrogression) - A Flight
Sally Shalla - B Flight
Gloria Coulter - C Flight

Loes Williams - Hill 8
Sally Shalla - Valley 5
Sharon Babin - Valley 2

Chip Ins!!
Sherie Hanson - Valley 1
Loes Williams - Hill 8

May 31, 2022
Hill/GB - Regular Golf
Congratulations to our low net flight winners!  See Jamie Sheppard in the Pro Shop to pick up your prize on FRIDAY June 3rd.
Flight A - Pam Snoddy
Flight B - Jeannie Beattie
Flight C - Gloria Coulter 

One Birdie Today
Rosy Kennedy  Hill #9

May 24, 2022
Valley/Hill -Mystery Game (Any hole that begins with an "F" or a "T")
It was a nice morning out there.  Jackets were off on the second nine!
Congratulations to our Low Gross Mystery Game winners.  See Jamie Sheppard in the Pro Shop to pick up your prize.

Flight A- Sherie Hanson
Flight B - Jeannie Beattie
Flight C - Joey Davidson

Lyn Jauncey V9
Joni Graham V6
Jeannie Beattie H4
Sandy Moyer V5

Chip Ins
Rosy Kennedy H3
Sherie Hanson H1
Joni Graham H5

May 17, 2022
Valley/Hill Regular Golf-Pin Day # 1
It was a cool day out on the course today.  Hopefully everyone stayed warm and had fun!

LOW NET Winners

Flight A: Loes Williams
       By Retrogression
Flight B: Barbara Moody
       By Retrogression
Flight C: Aleda Burton

Jan Bennet - H4

Chip Ins
Sharon Babin H7
Sheila Nelson - V4
Marie Clancy - H9

May 10, 2022 
Valley/Hill Flight Play

LOW GROSS Winners 
Flight A: Sherie Hanson
Flight B: Sharon Babin
Flight C: Cassandra Dass-Pearce 

LOW NET Winners
Flight A: Tie-Jan Bennet and Loes Williams
   Retrogression: Jan Bennet
Flight B: Sally Shalla
Flight C: Tie- Barb Thomas AND Sandra Scott
   Retrogression: Sandra Scott

Jan Bennet - H4
Cassandra Dass Pearce - H4
Peggy Sallow - V2
Loes Williams - V7
Deb Jestin - V6

Chip Ins
Lynda Fox - V5
Lynda Wheeler - V8
Andréa Campbell - V4
Peggy Sallows - V2